On the "Gymnasium Haan", depending on the focus of interest, pupils can make first experience with robotics up from the 5th class.

By programming of processes and building of small robots they have to solve exercises. For example to picked up material with the robot and transport it from A to B.

In the upper classes, pupils have the opportunity to register for the "Robotic AG". This workshop has the name "Bohlebots". Since many years it is a well-known and feared participant in national and international competitions in the Robocup Soccer.

These highly talented young professionals are supported by Amada GmbH in different ways. Financially, with the implementation of regular company visits, lectures and the production of necessary components for the robots.

More about the "Bohlebots" can be found here ...


Students of the Bohlebots-Team 2017

Robocup Soccer

Robocup Soccer 2017
Robocup Soccer 2017
Robocup Soccer 2017
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